Will I Need Sift Tissue Reduction If I Reduce My Excessive Horizontal Chin Bone Protrusion?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am from the UK you are the only surgeon I have found that thoroughly explains the different types of chin surgery and have so many amazing testimonials.

I am looking to horizontally reduce my chin protrusion. I especially don’t like how long it gets when I smile and gives me some chin ptosis.

Would I need: Submental technique for combined excision of horizontal bony excess and redundant soft tissue chin pad. With chin ptosis tuck

I worry that it will make the chin ptosis when I smile worse as I saw you mention that the chin ptosis tucks don’t always give long lasting results, so can it come back?

I also of course want a rhinoplasty, but don’t want this before I can get the chin reduction as my side profile would be off balance and it’s much harder to find a credible chin surgeon as it is less practised.

I have attached lots of photos. On the ones with before and afters I have edited the after images to give an idea of the desired result I would be looking for.

A:You have correctly surmised that most chin reductions, and particularly a significant horizontal reduction requires management of both the excessive bone and soft tissue chin pad. Thus only the submental chin reduction approach be effective.

I am not familiar with the statement ‘you mention that the chin ptosis tucks don’t always give long lasting results, so can it come back?’ as I am sure I have never said that. What I undoubtably said was when doing the soft tissue reduction it is impossible to know whether one is taking enough soft tissue off. Thus in 50% of the cases a secondary chin tuck and/or scar revision is needed to maximize the result.

I have attached your imaging that I think is reasonable and the other image which is not realistically obtainable.

It is also true that the nose and chin are linked. It would be aesthetically hard to just reduce one since the reduction of one makes the others prominence even more so.  Whether they are staged or done together is a matter of personal preference.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon