Will I Need A Mentalis Muscle Resuspension If I Have A Chin Wing Reversal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am German Male and 2 years ago I underwent a chin wing surgery for 5mm forward movement. I am now looking to reset/reverse this procedure. I am aware that a full reversal chin wing, brings various risks with it. Particularly, the resuspension of the mentalis muscle seems to be a challenge often articulated, when conducting research on the internet. 

1. Judging by your cases and personal experience, how likely is it that a patient will need additional surgery for a mentalis resuspension after a full reversal of a chin procedure (genio/cw). 

2. As I live in Germany, I am looking for a qualified surgeon in Germany. Do you have any personal recommendations?

A: In answer to your chin wing reversal questions:

1) Mentalis muscle resuspension would be done as part of the chin wing reversal as prevention is better than finding out later it is needed.

2) and 3) I do not have any familiarity with German surgeons so I can not be helpful in that regard. Although it would seem most logical to have the surgeon who performed the procedure undergo the reversal??

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana