Will I Have To Pay To Have A Deflated Saline Breast Implant Replaced?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I think I may have ruptured one of my saline breast implants. I had them placed seven years ago and they have been great since surgery. They look fantastic and they have given me some much more confidence. I was running and slipped and fell on my right side. My right breast ended up bruised for several weeks. Now that the swelling and bruising has gone away, my right breast looks smaller. What should I do now? Will I have to pay for a new breast implant and surgery all over again?

A: Low impact trauma is an unusual cause of shell failure in breast implants but it is possible. If you have noticed a breast size change after such an event, then you should return to your plastic surgeon and have it evaluated. Generally a saline implant failure is easy to detect because breast size will change. Loss of saline volume is the only reason one would have a delayed change in breast size. All breast implants from either manufacturer, either Allergan or Mentor, have lifelong replacement warranties should they need to be replaced due to shell failure. Since you are within 10 years from your original surgery, you will get a new pair of breast implants at no charge and up to $3500 towards the cost of surgery to replace them. So while the bad news is that your breast implant may have failed, you will not suffer a economic hardship to have them replaced.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana