Will Hip Implants Look Natural after Two Failed Fat Transfers for Hip Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve always had a big butt naturally but I ended up having two BBL fat transfers from my stomach to my hips and butt to try to achieve the hourglass shape because I’ve never liked my hip indents.. straight after each of the BBLs the fat made my hips look curvy and hourglass but the fat didn’t last in my hips and I have gone back to having hip dips. I’ve always contemplated getting hip implants but was just worried about it looking unnatural and also not sure about where the scars would be for that. I’m actually really considering it but just wanted your honest advice whether it would look natural at all? Or will you be able to tell its implants.

A: I have yet to see a successful significant hip augmentation result by fat transfer of any magnitude so your experience is not uncommon…but it is always worth trying first. Getting a natural look from hip implants means that they do not stick out like a bump. Thus one always needs a custom design approach that has an implant design that blends into the convexity of the hips, both in front and back. This looks very different from any other form of body implant where creating roundness is the goal. (breast and buttock implants) Taking that approach looks natural as the hips do not have a naturally round shape but a convex and extended contour to them. It does require a 5 cm incision placed above the hip areas to place them. For the motivated hip augmentation patient this scar has not been an issue.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana