Will Head Enlargement Make My Face Look Too Small?

Q: Dr. Eppley, So I have a very small head. So small that I’m convinced I have the smallest head on earth for a healthy adult male. I know for sure it’s smaller than 54cm. I have a few questions about this procedure but rest assured I will be making an appointment in the future. 

How much does the surgery cost? That way I know how much to save 

What can I do in the meantime to maximize the enlargement potential? Collagen supplements? 

Will there be scars? If so where? Will the cuts be anywhere hair is located? 

I’m worried the head enlargement will throw off the rest of my features. If so will there be an option to enhance those as well?

A: In answer to your head enlargement questions:

1) The cost of head enlargement surgery depends on how it is done. (one vs two stage)

2) Head enlargement surgeries are maximized by doing a two stage approach which employs a first stage scalp expansion which permits a larger implant to be placed.

3) The scalp incision is usually placed near the crown of the scalp.

4) Most head enlargement surgeries are probably not going to be big enough to make the face look too small.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana