Will Having Paranasal Implants Interfere With Getting A Septoplasty Later?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hope you are doing well! It has been a long while since we’ve talked. A couple of things happened and I would like to inquire with you before finally signing up for my surgery. 

Basically I am using a palate expander, I am hoping it would not be a problem for inserting paranasal implant? 

I also would like to know if you do any incision around the nose area during the fixation of the paranasal implant. I am scheduled for a corrective septoplasty in order to help my breathing in August and I am worried about the prior paranasal implant interfering with that procedure.

A: Good to hear from you. In answer to your questions:

1) The intraoral use of a palate expander has no adverse effects or connection with the paranasal implantation site.

2) The intraoral incision location is different from the intranasal location for a septoplasty. There is no anatomic ccommunication between the two sites and paranasal implants in place are not in the way or restrict access for performing a septoplasty.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana