Will Gynecomastia Reduction Revision Surgery Result in Further Scar Problems?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had gynecomastia reduction surgery and subsequently developed scar tissue under the nipples that has caused them to still stick out. I have been told it is scar tissue and will be getting some steroid injections to see if it will help. If that does not work and I were to get the scar tissue excised, would I be at risk of the scar tissue coming back again like this time and having the same issue?

A: In gynecomastia reduction revision surgery, the key to preventing this scar tissue problem is to eliminate the so-called ‘dead space’ that occurs after any tissue is removed from under the skin. If not it fills with some fluid and leaves a residual space where scar tissue can form. This dead space management is done by three different methods, suturing the space closed during the surgery, using drains for a few days if necessary, the wearing of a circumferential wrap for several weeks after surgery. Should it recur despite these maximal management methods, then the immediate use of steroid injections need to be done as soon as it occurs. (when they can actually be most effective)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana