Will Getting Dental Implants In The Future Adversely Affect a Jawline Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I might need to have a dental implant in the future. Will the jawline implants make this more complicated/impossible?

 My reasoning for wanting a sliding genioplasty in addition to implants is that in case my implants get infected and have to be removed, at least I would have improvement from the sliding genioplasty. I think during our Skype consultation, you mentioned I wouldn’t get any width increase from the genioplasty. I did however stumble across the article below where you mention it is possible. Can you please explain why you believe I wouldn’t not be able to get width increase? (https://exploreplasticsurgery.com/the-step-off-deformity-in-a-sliding-genioplasty/?doing_wp_cron=1618182204.5073790550231933593750)

Would the sliding genioplasty create visible irregularities/ step-off? If so, is there anything that can be done in the future to improve this?

A: In answer to your dental implant and sliding genioplasty questions:

1) The concern with dental implants is not the implants themselves but with the local anesthesia used to perform them. The implantologist needs to know the jawline implant is there so they do not inadvertently inject into the implant space and cause an infection of it.

2) If you are combining custom jaw angles that are designed to merge into the sliding genioplasty, this is how you add width to the chin.

3) Like #2 that is the value of the custom jaw angle/line implants to also cover over the stepoffs from the sliding genioplasty.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana