Will Getting Breast Augmentation Even Out My Asymmetric Breasts?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am looking for a consultation on breast augmentation. I have asymmetry issues and would be curious about not only evening out, but enlarging both breasts from a small B to a full C.  I am not familiar with what a price would be for such a procedure, but I would appreciate a range/estimate to know what I’m getting into.

A: Breast asymmetry comes in many forms but your description suggests that it is a volume issue as opposed to one breast being smaller and sagging as well. (which poses different considerations) If it is a pure volume issue, then breast augmentation surgery alone may suffice…just using different implant sizes to make the mound ssomewhat more symmetric. While one can never achieve more symmetry or evening them out perfectly, breast enlargement with two mounds that are more symmetric is possible. This, then, other than having two different sized implants is a straightforward breast augmentation procedure. The cost of breast augmentation is dependent on what type of implants are used. (saline vs silicone) and not on the implant size so knowing your implant choice would be helpful in answering the cost question.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana