Can Forehead Reduction Remove My Bulge That Sticks Out Safely?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello when I was little I had an accident that involved me hitting my forehead on a wall which lead to me being stitched up and left a scar in the middle of my forehead. It left a big bump on my forehead and just doesn’t look normal compared to a normal male forehead. It just sticks out and I guess you could say it’s deformed due to the trauma I had with the accident. So my question is what are the possibilities of shaving down the top/frontal part of my forehead to make it a more sloped appearance and the recovery time for this procedure?

A: It is certainly very possible to burr down any forehead prominence to reduce its visibility as well as provide more slope to the forehead. This type of forehead reduction is possible because the frontal bone is very thick so such a reduction is very possible. The only question is how to access the forehead as an incision has to be placed somewhere. That is the only important question. Whether it is at the frontal hairline (pretrichial) or somewhere back in the hair line is the more challenging question particularly in a male.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana