Will Forehead Augmentation Lift My Brows?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have indentations on my forehead. On my right side, there is less volume so I have more loose skin and my eyebrow droops. I would like to get the indentations filled in so my forehead looks smoother. Since filling out the area would make my skin more taut, would it fix my eyebrow into a more normal position so it doesn’t droop anymore? My brow bone is also smaller on the right side. Could bone cement build up my brow bone? If so, could that also help lift my eyebrow up? If some skin removal is also necessary, would it cost a lot more?

A: Forehead augmentation (onlay cranioplasty) by virtue of adding volume would potentially make the skin tighter. There may even in some cases be a slight browlifting effect, although this would be greatest with the brow bone is directly built up. Whether this would occur or not would also depend on how much volume is added. To ensure that this stretching and lifting effect occurs, it would usually be best to do a browlift with the forehead augmentation. This would be easy enough to do since there would be a coronal incision already present. It would not add any appreciable time or expense to do so because of then existing scalp approach for the forehead augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana