Will Fat Regrow After Facial IPL Treatments?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 22 years old and had 12 IPL treatments. My entire face has gone flat with no underlying support as the laser had a laserlipo affect where all the fat was melted, turned into liquid and digested by my body. However I read your article on fat returning after liposuction, so in a couple of years will the fat cells and all fat regrow back in my face, especially if I gain weight?

A: IPL is not a laser but high intensity pulsed light, hence the acronym IPL. Regardless of the semantics, it creates a subcutaneous heating effect which can affect fat. While not a typical effect, reports do exist like yours where facial fat has been resorbed. Whether the effect you are seeing is temporary or a long-term result is unknown. You will know your answer by one year after your last IPL treatment or if you attempt to gain weight. If not you may need to consider injectable fat grafting for restoration of certain facial areas if they are aesthetically problematic.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana