Will Fat Injections Work For Some Of My Depressed Facial Scars?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  My question is what is your opinion on fat transfers? I¹ve heard that there is some disagreement about it. Would that be an option instead of using Radiesse every six months which I have been getting for my depressed scars on the top of my nose and forehead?

A: The ‘disagreement’ on fat injections revolves completely around how they survive after injection. In the face and in small amounts, fat injections have the best chance for optimal survival but it can never be guaranteed. I do think that fat injection grafting is a very viable option for your facial scars and there is no real downside or risk of complications by doing so. The issue with fat injections for small facial scars, however, is about the hassle of doing it. Synthetic injectable fillers, despite their short-lived effects, have their appeal because they are quick and easy to do being an off-the -shelf product and treatment. Fat injections require a harvest site, preparation and then injection under very clean conditions like in the OR. I think if you were having some other surgery then fat injections would really be worth a try. But as a stand alone procedure, it is not very cost effective and the risk of complete resorption may not justify that effort for such a small amount of fat.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana