Will Fat injections Work As Well As Custom Infraorbital-Malar Implants For Male Cheek Augmentation?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I like your facial morphs very much.! I agree with you, in fact I wanted to ask you, whether it is better to use fillers or implants with regard to the zygomatic and orbital area? I ask this because, with my friend ,we looked on the web and we think that the implants for the cheekbones are better for women and for men maybe temporary fillers for the cheekbones are good. I repeat it was a supposition made so ‘after a little analysis but maybe you can explain the issue implants vs filler for the cheek bone area (I’m afraid the implant for the cheekbones is too big and that may have damage to the facial nerves )

Other thing I ask you ; Do you use PEEK? or some other even safer material? I read on the internet that PEEK is the one that causes the least infections. 

Finally, to get me closer to a celebrity, what else would you do to my face to make me better, without looking unnatural ? I trust your opinion, I hope to meet you soon doc.

A: In answer to your male masculinization questions:

1) Given the degree of severity of your infraorbital-malar hypoplasia, fat grafting would be a far inferior choice of treatment. Besides the fact that fat grafting would never persist in a young thin person like yourself it would also not create the well defined cheek contours that you seek.

2) The reason standard cheek implants don’t look good on men is because they are made for women and not men. But forget about the use of any standard cheek implants as that is not what the morphs are showing. They are showing the use of custom designed infraorbital-malar implants…which is the implant design you need and the one that works best for most men. https://exploreplasticsurgery.com/achieving-the-hi…ek-implant-style/


Achieving the High Cheek Look With The Infraorbital-Malar Cheek Implant Style – Explore Plastic Surgery

The male cheek augmentation patient seeks a masculinizing effect on their appearance which is typically described as a ‘higher cheek look’. This term is liberally used but its exact definition has never been clearly explained.

3) All implants carry the same risk of infection, no implant is better in that regard. A foreign body is a foreign body regardless of its material composition. I have never yet seen an infection with infraorbital-malar cheek implants put in through a lower eyelid incision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana