Will Fat Injections Help With Atrophic Rhinitis?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I saw a post from last year in which you responded to a question regarding whether PRP/stem cells would be beneficial for Atrophic Rhinitis. I am wondering if you are interested in performing PRP on the turbinates. I have travelled to get PRP injections and have recieved some benefit but need further injections and would perfer to find a way closer to home. In my case, I have sufficient turbinate tissue but it has been damaged from cauterization so I am hoping to get further healing of the tissue.

A: Since you have received benefit from PRP injections to the turbinates previously, there would be no reason that you would not get further benefit by additional injection treatments of your atrophic rhinitis. The one caveat that I would add is that you consider the addition of a small amount fat with the PRP placed into the turbinates or go with fat injections alone. Fat has stem cells, (which PRP does not, and this should produce a more profound long-term rejuvenation of the turbinates than the short-stimulus that PRP provides. PRP can only stimulate the cells that are there while fat can create cellular rejuvenation and mucosal tissue regeneration, which ultimately is responsible for their function.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana