Will Fat Injections Fix My Arm Irregularities After Liposuction?

Q: Hello Dr. Eppley, I was wanting to know if you do fat transfers to the arms? I had liposuction done to my arms over a year ago that left me with a lot of dents and irregularities. It has improved a lot over the past year and now there is just some loose skin that bothers me. I think these arm areas could could benefit from some filler. I wanted to get some fat removed from my stomach which has always been a problem area for me. Thank you for your time.

A: Arm liposuction is very prone to irregularities given its thinner skin and that the liposuction technique can not really use a cross-tunneling method, which is really useful to prevent large irregularities in fat removal. It is good that you have waited until the arm sites have matured and all the tissues have settled. Many arm liposuction irregularities will improve with time although they rarely go completely away. For small remaining areas, injected fat would be the only good treatment option. Only a small amount of fat would be needed so your stomach sounds like it would provide more than an adequate donor area. The fat that is harvested is washed and concentrated so that the highest percentage of viable fat  and stem cells gets transplanted. This should help fill in some irregularities and expand out some loose upper arm skin.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana