What Facial Feminization Surgery Procedures Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Do you have experience with facial feminization surgery? Particularly with forehead recontouring, rhinoplasty, adam’s apple shaving, and hair line lowering?

A: I have considerable experience with facial feminization surgery (FFS) procedures, particularly the four that you have mentioned which are some of the most common FFS operations. All can make very successful feminizing effects. The key to the hairline lowering is the density of the frontal hairline where the incision has to be made. If this is adequate then the hairline can usually be lowered in a single stage of up to 2 cms based on one’s natural scalp laxity. Combining forehead/brow bone contouring with hairline lowering is particularly convenient since the pretrichial incision provides direct access to the entire forehead. Adam’s apple reduction (aka tracheal shave) is the simplest of the procedure and how much is can be reduced is dependent on what incisional access is used. (directly over it or the more remote submental incision) Reshaping the nose through a rhinoplasty to create a smoother and less prominent nose result depends on the thickness of the overlying skin. The thicker the skin the less it will contract and the size of the nose will reduce less.

Please send me some pictures of your face for my assessment and computer imaging to see what changes may be possible for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana