Will Eyebrow Hairs Be Lost In An Eyebrow Scar Revision?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I have an horizontal scar split my eyebrow. from1mm in the middle of the eyebrow to 6 mm at the end of the eyebrow. I have 6 hairs growing in the scar and i wouldn’t like  thm to be lost in a scar revision. I don’t want to lose even one eyebrow hair in a scar revision. It is possible?

A: The simple answer is I couldn’t tell you without seeing a picture of the scar. But by definition, a scar revision removes scarred skin and anything that lies within that scarred skin. When dealing with noticeable scars inside the eyebrow, what makes them visible is their lack of hair or very scant hair within them. This scar needs to be removed, and any free-standing hairs included, to bring the edges of the eyebrow skin that has good density of hair together to minimize the scar’s appearance. This concept of eyebrow scar revision is limited by the size of the scar and would not work well if the scar is very large. (greater than 1 cm.) In these cases to prevent eyebrow distortion, one would need to consider eyebrow hair transplants instead.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana