Will Eyebrow Hair Transplants Be Affected By Underlying Brow Bone Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Will getting the hair transplants have any adverse effect on brow ridge implants?  My surgeon has informed me that he’ll be using sheets of intermediate hardness silicone to build up the brow ridges while carving them to smoothen them out by hand. He will also only use sutures to secure them rather than using screws. Is this something that you do too, and should I insist on him using screws? For reference, the incision will be made via the upper eyelids.

A: My method doing brow bone implants (rather than cement) is quite different. Symmetry of the implants shapes and ideal location on the bone is a challenging issue when more limited access approaches are being done. I prefer to use either preformed brow bone inplants (made out of silicone and using designs from other patients) or have custom ones made off of the patient’s 3-D CT scan. Then I place them through en endoscopic approach and secure them into place with a percuatneous 1.5mm screw technique.

There are no adverse effects of hair transplants on the underlying brow ridge implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana