Will Custom Facial Implants Looks More Chiseled Than Injectable Fillers?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’d like to ask 2 questions to Dr. Eppley regarding my future procedures I’m going to get from him 

1) If I get a custom jawline implant and infra-orbital-malar implant, will they always look “sharp / chiselled” or does that depend on bodyfat percentage, and if someone stores a lot of fat on his face then the implant will look “bulky” instead of “sharp/defined/chiselled” (especially the jaw and zygos)? 

2) Why do fillers (Juvederm Voluma in the jaw and chin) lose their sharpness in the first month and instead become “bulky”? Is there a scientific explanation for this? 

Thank you.

A: In answer two your custom facial implants questions:

1) The creation and persistent of any facial angularity done by custom implants depends highly on facial fat content…both initially and long-term.

2) Injectable fillers are soft gels int which the tissues pull back quickly and distort their shape to relieve the pressure they exert. The firmness of implants prevents that effect from happening.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana