Will Cryoshape Work For My Keloids?

Q: Have you heard of Cryoshape treatment for keloids and hypertrophic scars? I have read some favorable reviews on the internet about its success. What is your opinion of it?

A: I am familiar with the technology but must confess that I have never used it. Given the fact that keloids are the most difficult scar problem that exists, any potential treatment is welcome. Cryoshape is a method of delivering cold or freezing therapy via a probe that is inserted into the keloid. By freezing the keloid, it is hoped that it will not only stop growing but shrink down as well. This is another intralesional therapy for keloids of which the most commonly used is steroids and 5-FU injections.

I am certain that Cryoshape has its share of successful keloid reductions but it will have its failures also. Keloids are extremely refractory and difficult scar problems that no one treatment can be universally effective. Whether it is any more effective that steroid injections is unknown.

The value of Cryoshape, in my opinion, is as a pre-excisional treatment method like we currently use steroid injections. For those patients that want more than just a shrunken keloid, excision needs to be part of the keloid treatment approach.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana