Will Chin Reduction Revision Achieve My Chin Reshaping Goals and Get Rid Of My Chin Dimpling?

Q: Dr. Eppley, In doing some research on chin reduction, I discovered you are an expert and I’m hoping to get a second opinion on a chin reduction surgery.  I had jaw realignment surgery and chin burring done over 10 years ago to address a problem with my bite, as well as the fact that my chin grew longer on one side.  I’m very happy with the surgery and it did a lot to improve the asymmetry.  However, there was still some leftover asymmetry in the chin, especially when viewed from underneath that continued to bother me.  For that reason, about three years ago, I had a revision.  The surgeon reviewed my case and recommended additional burring.  I also asked him if it would be possible to narrow the chin slightly at the same time, as this was something I had also wanted for cosmetic reasons.  However, since having the revision, I haven’t noticed an improvement in the asymmetry and my chin is now dimpled in areas (even when relaxed).  I’ve been told to get filler as a correction, but since a reduction and narrowing was my initial goal, I’m reluctant to consider filler long term.  

At this stage, I’m wondering two things.  First, I’m wondering if my desired “after” goal was realistic (I’ve attached a photo of the before/desired and actual result).  Perhaps the goal was never truly achievable, which would help me manage my expectations.  

And second, I’m wondering if there’s anything apart from fillers that could help the dimpling at this stage.  

I’m attaching photos because I had filler done about 8 months ago, that has masked the problem area, so I’m not sure to the extent a skype consultation would be helpful at this point.  The filler is dissipating, but I’m unhappy with continuing it, as I my original goal was a smaller, narrower chin, rather than a larger one.  

I really appreciate your help, and look forwarding to hearing from you. 

A: Thank you for your inquiry, detailing your history and sending your pictures. In answer to your chin reduction revision questions:

1) Your original aesthetic goal was never achievable, at least by burring. That was the worst choice of all available chin reduction/reshaping techniques. They detaching of the soft tissues and the lost of support volume creates the soft tissue contraction….which you see as dimpling.

2) Other than fat grafting, which will make your chin bigger/wider, there is no permanent and effective cure for your chin dimpling.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana