Will Chin Fat Injections Correct Dimpling?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was wondering what my options are in order to completely reshape my chin. When I smile it wrinkles up and I have as deep crease on my chin with a thick lower chin. I want to smooth it out completely to have no crease or dimple. would this be possible?

A: Let me first separate chin dimpling (which is a stippling through the chin pad with muscle moment) from a chin dimple/cleft. (a permanent indentation or groove in the chin pad which is present when the muscle is not moving.

Chin pad wrinkling/dimpling is a difficult problem for which the options include Botox injections, fat injections or mentalis muscle disinsertion/resuspension. Botox can be temporarily effective because it partially paralyzes the muscle and stops the animation deformities. Fat injections work by adding volume to the chin indentation to help fill them up to a smoother level. Mentalis muscle manipulation works by creating a new attachment level for the muscle which changes its length of contractile excursion and hopefully lessens the dimpling action.

Chin dimples/clefts are treated by adding volume for which fat injections remains the simplest way to accomplish that effect.

As you can see fat injections is the only method that can treat chin dimpling  and dimples but does so at the expense of making the chin somewhat bigger. (which may not be desirable)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana