Will Chin Augmentation and Submental Liposuction Improve My Facial Profile?

Q: I am 38 years old and I need some changes to my face. It is a very round face without much definition or highlights. From a side view, I think my profile would be much improved with chin augmentation and fat removed from under my chin.. I do not know if my chin augmentation would benefit more from an implant or osteotomy. From a frontal view, I would like the distance between my upper lip and nose shortened. It is too long and I have a thin upper lip as well. I am attaching some picture for you to image to show me what could be done with plastic surgery.

A:  Thank you for sending your photos. I have done some computer imaging based on your desired changes.  I think you are correct in predicting that chin augmentation (implant not an osteotomy) with submental liposuction would make a nice change. The combination of the two can completely change the profile of your lower face. From a lip standpoint, your upper lip is very long and a subnasal lip lift would help shorten that distance. I have also added a buccal lipectomy to help slim your cheeks which would provide a good thinning complement to the proposed fat reduction in your neck.

 The combination of all four of these changes would help make your face more proportioned and balanced. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana