Will Chin And Cheek Implants Give My Face A Chiseled And Angular Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in possibly getting cheek and chin implants (or starting out with dermal filler) to attain a more chiseled & angular look. I would like to get a well-defined, hollowed-out appearance similar to what many actors have.
I am especially interested in seeing if I can obtain not just the hollowed-out cheeks, but also the well-defined line that seems to run from the cheeks to the chin on both sides of his face (this effect is especially noticeable in the last picture).
I have also submitted two photos of myself; please excuse the eye asymmetry, which occurs occasionally due to an outdoor allergic reaction (I run/jog outside a lot).
Generally speaking, do you think the goals I am trying to achieve are realistic?

A: Based in these pictures and your face, I do not find your facial goals especially realistic. While cheek and chin implants will help create more prominent facial structures, they will not necessarily cause that hollowed look you are seeking. That is caused as much by the lack of any subcutaneous fat over the trampoline area of the face and prominent jaw angles as it is caused by any prominent cheek and chin structure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana