Will Cheekbone Reduction Help Narrow My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in cheeckbone reduction and maybe jaw reduction to make my face smaller and oval shape. My question is, do I need a jaw reduction or the cheeckbone reduction is enough to slimmer my face? Also, I had a rhinoplasty done about ten years ago. The tip is very visible. It looks like a small pimple on my nose, probably because my skin was thin. I’d like to have a revision. Please let me know what you recommend.  

A:  When it come to narrowing the wide Asian face, one procedure or changing one facial area is rarely enough to have a significant effect. Combining cheekbone reduction with jawline reduction (jaw angle, masseter muscle and chin elongation) is the most effective approach. Of course each patient must be individually assessed to determine if one of these facial changes would be the most dominant and, in your case, there most certainly is. The width of your cheek bones is by far the widest part of your face and would be the one procedure (cheekbone reduction) you would absolutely do if there was only one procedure you wanted to do.

From a visible nasal tip standpoint, which I assume may be from prior tip graft or implant,the tip can be either modified (tip point reduced) or over grafted. (cartlage graft on top of the tip) It would be helpful to know what exactly was done from your rhinoplasty now 10 years ago.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana