Will Cheek Implants Lessen The Depth Of My Nasolabial Folds?

Q: I am interested in rhinoplasty and cheek implants and have had a consultation done which included computer imaging. The profile images show a nice improvement but in the front view I can see very little change around the cheeks and eyes. Will the actual surgery fill out these areas nicer than what I see in the imaging? What about the nasolabial folds, don’t they also diminish with cheek implants? Do you think larger cheek implants are better for me? (I heard small ones are unnoticeable)

A: While I have no idea as to the quality of the computer imaging that was done, it is difficult to show much cheek improvement from a front view. Computer imaging works best on facial structures that are not overlapped or in profile. That is the problem in the cheek area, it is not a profile structure unless it is imaged in the oblique or three-quarter view. Most likely, cheek implants will produce a much better result than what those images show…particularly if the cheek implants are a size beyond the very smallest. You are correct in that small cheek implants in most patients ones can barely be seen or are very subtle.

Cheek implants may create some lessening of the nasolabial folds but it will not be substantial. That is not an intended or known effect from cheek implants. However, paranasal implants can make a bigger difference as they are placed right behind the nasolabial folds so they create more of a push outward, thus lessening the deepest upper portion of the nasolabial fold.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana