Will Cheek Implants Give My Face The Look I Want?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in cheek implants and a few other things that might be needed depending on your recommendation. My goal is to have a defined cheek/jaw line like some male model pictures that I have attached. I will get the buccal fat removed also if that is required. The 1st model model might have the cheek implants because the cheek area is not as pronounced as in the 2nd picture. I have attached pictures of myself from different angles so you can see the shape of my face. I look forward to your recommendations.

A:  I have done an analysis on the photos that you have sent. The frontal photo is of excellent quality, the side view is not good quality but useable. I have also looked at the model photos that you have shown, and while they illustrate a facial shape goal, I hope you realize you can never look quite like them as you have a completely different facial shape.

Where I think your face can be improved is in multiple areas including vertical chin lengthening with some horizontal advancement (chin osteotomy), cheek augmentation with implants, buccal lipectomies, rhinoplasty with tip thinning and nostril narrowing and earlobe reductions. I have attached some computer imaging to show you a realistic potential outcome.

With your thick skin and existing facial shape, there are limits as to what can be achieved. I thinik this is the best approach to obtain some increased facial angularity.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana