Will Cheek Augmentation Improve My Smile?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am really interested in one of the facial procedures (cheek augmentation I think) to improve my smile. I make an effort to smile only to find out that people don’t find it compelling. I am confused and this makes my self-esteem very low. I have small(weak) cheek bones which some how make me look like I am frowning all the time. It was after me noticing my self-consciousness that I started being aware of all the people I found very approachable or had friendly faces, in other words their cheek bones were gently protruding and noticeable from a profile(side view of the face). This, them having strong cheek bones, really made them appear to be ‘ever smiling’ and smile effortlessly even when it is just a grin their evoking. I looked at myself talking in the mirror lately and was evidently stunned, because I would say things but my facial expression was not corresponding with what I say or the way in which I respond to things I said to myself. For instance, when I am surprised my eyebrows don’t rise and no lines on my forehead show, because my eyebrow bone is also flat and I seem not to send my messages across to others other than verbally. A stronger cheek bone with lines on the corners of my lips and bigger eyebrow bones will make my smile sensible. 

A: It sounds like you have a good grasp on how to improve your facial appearance. By your own description you know that cheek augmentation by implants, possibly combined with brow bone augmentation, would help your smile both outside and in.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana