Will Cheek and Chin Reductions Make My Face More Oval?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am Asian and interested in making my face more narrow. It is too wide in the cheek area. I also think my chin is too long and would look better if it was shorter. I woud like my face to be more oval and not so wide and square. Do you think cheek and chin reduction will achieve what I want? I have attached a picture for you to see my face from the front and show me what the changes would look like. Thanks!

A:I have done some imaging based on the single photo that you have sent me. It is a partial smiling photo so it is not ideal to use but it is acceptable to give you a general idea of the proposed changes. This predictive image is based on the following two procedures:

1) Cheek Reduction with osteotomies at the zygomatic body (front) and the temporal end of the zygomatic arch. (back) Your frontal facial photo shows a wide or bowed zygomatic arch from the cheek on backwards. This is best treated by total zygomatic arch narrowing as opposed to zygomatic body reduction. One would need a submental (vertex) x-ray before surgery to look at the extent of the bowing and determine how change (inward movement) of it could be done.

2) The chin reduction is a vertical shortening which is what I think you mean by chin reduction. I have no side view of your chin so I can not comment on any horizontal issues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana