Will Buttock Augmentation Help Me Stop Wearing Padding Underwear?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 36 yrs old and have been wearing padded underwear since I can remember. I am ready to have a bottom of my own that I can feel good about.This is my only insecurity and I am ready to do something about it. I want to be able to for the first time fill my jeans out and not have a belly that hangs over them.

A: There are two types of patients that seek buttock augmentation. The first and by far the most common is the patient who simply wants to make larger what they already have. They do not really have buttock hypoplasia or underdevelopment but want to enhance what they already have. This is very common in certain ethnic groups, particularly African-Americans and Hispanic women. The second group and the least common is the patient who really has not buttocks at all. They are completely flat and may even have resorted to padding as you have described.

This second group is the most challenging to treat because they have little to no subcutaneous fat in the buttocks and small gluteal muscles. This makes the recipient site for the most common method of treatment, fat injections (aka Brazilian Butt Lift), very limited. Often they may be quite thin as well without adequate fat donor sites. This leaves them the only option of an actual silicone buttock implant. Such implants can be very effective but they are associated with a longer recovery and other implant-related risks.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana