Will Buccal Lipectomies Make My Lower Face Look Thinner?

Q: I am interested in making my face look thinner. Even though I am not fat (below the neck), my face make me look like I am. I have read about the buccal lipectomy procedure and that seems like it would work for me. I am most interested in getting the lower part of my face thinner. I have attached a front picture for computer imaging to see what the change would look like. Thank you for your help!

A: Thank you for sending your frontal picture. I have imaged the result doing buccal lipectomies (upper submalar triangle) and some perioral mound liposuction. (lower submalar triangle) It is important to realize that these procedures are most effective for the areas below the cheek down to about the mouth level and not for fullness at the jaw angle or in the lower part of the face. Facial defatting procedures work best in areas that are not directly supported by bone where the fullness is more the result of the thickness of the fat and not the bone. In bony-supported facial areas, thickness or projection can only be reduced by bone reduction which is often not only difficult but not that effective. There are no effective lower facial procedures (sides of the face and along the jawline) for defatting or making it look thinner.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana