Will Brow Reshaping Give My Face A Softer Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My brows and eyes give me a cold look and I’d like to have a softer image. I am consider getting brow reshaping, but what else can be done to improve my appearance. I have attached a front and profile picture to see what you think can be done.

A: Thank you for sending your photos. I would not disagree that your brow bone shape and promience do give your eyes a bit of a harder look. While the brow bones can be surgically reduced, there is always the tradeoff of a scalp scar to do it. That can be a precarious trade-off in men based on their hair pattern, density and potential hairline instability. I am niot ruling it out for you but I think there are other facial issues that I think would be equally, if not more effective, that can be done with no such trade-off. Your prominent nose and short chin create a significant amount of facial imbalance. Their alteration by reduction rhinoplasty and chin augmentation puts your face in better balance and would help to give your face less of a cold look. I have attached some imaging to see what you think of the nose and chin changes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana