Will Brow Bone Augmentation Make For Deeper Set Eyes?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in brow and forehead augmentation. I feel like my eyes are very flat. I would really love deeper eyes. I believe deeper eyes are the most attractive eyes there could ever be. I love Adriana Lima’s eye. Her eyes are very deep and I believe that is what makes her very beautiful. I believe having deeper eyes will give my profile a better definiton. I have the thing that changes the feature of your face on my Iphone, so I played around with it and structured my face with deeper eyes and I actually really how it came out and I can only imagine coming out better in the actual procedure. 

A: In looking at your pictures, I would agree that you have a relative lack of any brow bone prominence and a vertical forehead inclination. I have done an imaging picture based on what I think the general changes can be with brow bone and forehead augmentation. The brow bones need to be augmented at least 7mms (if not more) and the forehead shape needs to be converted to a more convex and less straight vertical inclination in profile. The amount of brow bone augmentation is open to discussion as more or less can be done based on your preference. The amount of brow bone augmentation will determine how deep set your eyes will look. In looking at the one model’s pictures which you have shown, she not only has more brow bone but it is very horizontally-oriented, a key feature of brow bone augmentation to get deeper set eyes.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana