Will Brow Bone Augmentation Change The Tilt Of My Eyebrows?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am unsatisfied with the current tilt of my eyebrows as they are negatively tilted & slightly too high set (especially the inner corners). 

Is it at all possible to change the shape of the brows through a combination of procedures to neutral or even positive without it looking fake like these “cat eye” procedures? Ideally it’d be great if the inner corners could be lowered, but a somewhat desireable outcome can be achieved by lifting the skin on the temples upwards. 

Further, if one was to undergo brow bone augmentation using HA paste, where would the incision be made & what (if any) changes would this yield in regards to the slant of the eyebrows?

A: As I may have stated previously there is no reliable surgical procedure that can lower the inner end of the eyebrows. Only Botox injections can affect this change. 

As for the outer brow, surgical elevation here is more reliable. Lifting up the outer tail of the brow can be done through a temporal brow lift approach. I would not worry about it being overdone or getting a cat eye result as that is very hard to achieve or maintain even if that was the intent of the surgery.

The use of HA cement for brow bone augmentation would require a full coronal scalp incision to properly place it. (which is why this is an antiquated and obsolete approach) No form of brow augmentation is going to change the natural shape/slope of the eyebrows.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana