Will Brow Bone Augmentation and Fat Grafting To The Upper Eyelids Give Me The Hunter Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, There’s an issue that I’ve been wondering as to whether a surgical intervention exists.  I have extremely deep-set eyes with a lot of spacing between my eye and the brow bone above.  This creates a sort of gaunt look (and only gets more exaggerated with age, as I’ve been able to see in both of my parents) with no hooding whatsoever and I don’t care for it.  A picture is attached that gives an idea of what I’m referencing.  I’ve always preferred the more hooded, bedroom eye-type look (which I guess has come to be referred to as “hunter eyes”) and I’m wondering if there is any way to create that look. (Lateral brow bone implant?) I tried some filler in that area to try and create that look, but it looked sort of clumpy and didn’t provide much change. 

I’ve attached a picture of me that shows the issue, as well as an example of the target I have in mind.

I’d love your input, and hope you’re well.  Thanks very much!

A: The anatomic differences between you and your ideal upper eye look is the lack of adequate brow bone projection and upper eyelid soft tissue fullness. You have a long distance between your brow and lashline and a deep supratarsal sulcus. While I don’t think you can ever get exactly that look, it would require a combination of brow bone augmentation and fat grafting to the upper eyelids to come close. That would have to be a staged procedure with the brow bone augmentation done first followed by fat grafting later.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana