Will Brow Augmentation Make My Eyes look Less Bulgy?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am an 37 Asian male with very prominent bulging eyes (I believe it is due to having a relatively flat skull with shallow eye sockets). From a side profile view, my eyes protrude farther than my nasal bridge. To my knowledge, I have never had Graves disease or any other eye condition other than myopia. I think it is simply a genetic aesthetic condition. But it seems to me that browbone augmentation could be an ideal way to reduce the prominence of my eyes. I can send you pictures I have taken of my eyes from different angles. I would like to know if I am a candidate for this surgery. Thank you!

A: What you are referring to is known as pseudoproptosis, the eyes appear to stick out because the surrounding bones are underdeveloped or not string enough. I think it is true that brow augmentation would be beneficial. But one may also consider lateral and inferior orbital rim augmentation as well (and maybe nasal augmentation) to provide a more complete orbito-malar augmentation to more effectively produce a less ‘bulging’ eye. This type of midfacial skeletal hypoplasia is very common in Asian patients as brow and forehead augmentation are frequent aesthetic procedures considered with this type of craniofacial skeletal development.