Will Breast Implants Give Me Cleavage?

Q: I am interested in getting bigger fuller breasts with cleavage. I have attached a front picture of my breasts for you to see what shape they are in. Do you think this is possible to achieve?

A: Thank you for sending your picture. There is no question that your breasts can be made bigger by implants. But certain features of your breasts and chest may temper some of your desired breast goals. In looking at your breasts, they have obvious deflated volume and a sagging condition known as pseudoptosis. This means that the skin on the underside of your breasts hangs over your lower breast crease but your nipple remains at or slightly above the breast fold. This condition creates a problem in using implants alone to get bigger breasts. Some form of a breast lift is needed so that you do not end up afterwards with breast tissue and a nipple that hangs off of the edge of the implant. Whether a nipple lift (superior crescent mastopexy) or a periareolar (donut) lift would be best can not be predicted based on the one picture that you have sent. The other issue is that you have very widely spaced breasts with a large gap between them. Breast implants can not be placed so that they will create cleavage on their own. You will always have a gap between any type of breast augmentation/lift and this can not be prevented. Bras make cleavage in augmented breast cases like yours.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana