Will Breast Implant Removal Improve My Back and Neck Pain?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi, I have breast implants that have likely outlived their shelf life. I got them implanted in 2001 and since has had a child, plus gained weight. I am having back issues and cannot exercise like I used to due to the breast weight. I really need to do something to get my life back and I believe this is likely one of the first steps. I would like to get a consultation either virtually or in person to see what i’m looking at regarding options and costs. Thank you.

A: Certainly removal of the breast implants with a lift is the equivalent of a ‘breast reduction’ effect…which uniformly resolves the musculoskeletal symptoms of larger breasts that have a sag. Removing the implant is the equivalent of removing breast tissue in a traditional breast reduction procedure. And also like a breast reduction a lift will likely need to be incorporated to manage the loose skin that will become greater as the implant volume is removed.

Dr. Barry Eppley 

Indianapolis, Indiana