Will Anchor Resuspension Fix The Hanging Right Side Of My Chin?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I understand everything you said about the correction of my chin ptosis (Witch’s chin) and agree with it. However, I really do not wish to have a submental incision. I also really think I only have a problem with the right side of mentalis muscle. It just needs to be resuspended with anchors is what I really think. It is also the reason for my off centered lip ptosis and chin ptosis on the right. Would it be possible to resuspend the muscle via anchors on the right side, intraorally? 

After googling so much about my problem, I stumbled upon a girl who had the same problem as mine, deviated lip and ptosis on right side and she went and resuspended her muscle and centered her lip with three anchors and it fixed her problem completely. 

A: While I am happy to do a mentalis muscle/chin pad resuspension and avoiding the submental incision is understandable, I have a lot of experience with that procedure to which I say the following. For every one successful case of mentalis muscle resuspension I can show you ten cases that did not work out as well. It is not a highly successful procedure on every patient. It is most successful when a chin implant is used (with high tissue adherence material like Medpor or ePTFE) at the same time to give the chin pad something to grab onto and hold it. (which is exactly what you don’t need) But by itself it is often an underwhelming procedure, particularly in the face of a real chin pad excess and not pure ptosis alone.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana