Will An Endoscopic Browlift Get Rid Of The Deep Wrinkle Between My Eyebrows?

Q: I have a deep vertical line in between my eyebrows that is still noticeable despite having Botox injections. I was wondering if endoscopic browlift could correct this. Im only 27 years old. Please help.

A: The development of vertical wrinkles between your eyebrows, known as the glabellar area, is common and is the result of excessive muscle activity. There are a set of six paired muscles that affect the glabella area and create what has been described as a number system of galbellar wrinkles or furrows. As the popular ad goes, are you a 1, 11 or 111? These numbers describe whether one has one, two or three vertical glabellar wrinkles.

The first approach for glabellar wrinkles is Botox which will be highly effective for most people. For many the wrinkling is completely or nearly completely gone by this temporary muscle paralyzing treatment. For those with more deeply etched glabellar furrows, Botox will soften it to some degree but may not reduce it enough for the person’s satisfaction. This is the result of the skin being ‘etched’ or having a permanent v-shaped change in the skin. Muscle paralysis will not change permanent deformation of the skin.

An endoscopic browlift will not create a better effect than that of Botox because it works on the muscle only. It may help decrease the long-term need for Botox and, rarely, the need for Botox at all.

A companion treatment for the deep glabellar furrow is some type of soft tissue fill.  Usually this is an injectable filler but its effect will only be temporary. More permanent options include the threading of an allograft collagen dermis material or actual synthetic implant. (e.g., Advanta)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana