Will A Tip Rhinoplasty Work For Me?

Q: Dr. Eppley, for the longest time I have had my heart set on rhinoplasty but didn’t want to go through a big operation. However I have recently learned that a much less complicated procedure can be preformed that involves reshaping of the nasal tip. (tip-plasty) I was wondering whether or not you feel as though tip plasty would be to my benefit or if you feel as though I should undergo full rhinoplasty. The only aspect of my nose that I have ever had an issue with is that the tip appears too bulbous from the front and 3/4 side view. I also feel as though it protrudes slightly too far from my face. I tried taking some high definition photos, but they would not upload so I had to use webcam photos. the frontal photo is extremely bright however it was the only way to show the definition of my nose from the front.

A: Rhinoplasty is very much like many other aesthetic facial operations, they are numerous versions in magnitude that are used based on the problem being treated. Simplistically, rhinoplasty can be thought of as either a full rhinoplasty or a tip rhinoplasty. The difference between the two is that a full rhinoplasty includes significant changes in the bridge of the nose and will always involve osteotomies or breaking of the nasal bones. Tip rhinoplasty usually does not include much internal work such as septal straightening and turbinate reduction. While there are many cross-overs between these two basic rhinoplasties, depending on patient need and desires, this is a very basic way to view them. More tip rhinoplasties are done in revisional surgery than in primary rhinoplasty.

While your tip is large, I would agree that the top portion of your nose looks in better proportion. I think that an isolated tip rhinoplasty would be of great benefit to you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana