Will A Superficial Parotidectomy Help Make My Face Look Thinner?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have had cheek impants and a chin implant to attain a more asethetic facial balance as I had very little cheekbone prominence. But I also have benign parotid hypertrophy for about six years now which I now think attributes greatly to my facial imbalance.  I would like to entrust someone to use their best judgment as to what i might need to make it more harmonious.  Do you a parotidectomies will help?  I also model so its really important that my face is in balance and looks good.  I want a more sculpted face. I also was interested in a lateral canthoxpexy to elongate my eye shape…a more almond shaped eye? I’m attaching photos…thanks!

A: While I think there is no question the lateral face reduction by superficial parotiodectomies would be aesthetically beneficial, you have to balance that with the risks of visible scars, facial nerve injury and salivary gland leaks. This would be particularly relevant for anyone but particularly someone who models. That is a question up for further discussion. Lateral canthopexy can be effective for moving the corner of the eye out more to the side, thus elongating the eye shape. This is a much easier decision to consider.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana