Will A Subnasal Lip Lift Scar Be Visible In An Upturned Nose?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to explore a lip lift and corner lip lift. I have an unusually long upper lift (distance from bottom of nose to top lip) and would look much more balanced if that distance could be shortened. However, I have an over rotated upturned nose from previous rhinoplasty. This means there is no crease or space in the shadow of a nose that a scar could hide and it would mean that if there was nostril distortion, it would be very visible and unattractive. Given how little room for error my nose allows for this lip lip and corner lip lift, should I consider this surgery or let it go?

A: When it comes to a subnasal lip and corner of the mouth lifts, the most important issues are the potential scars and not overdoing either type of lift. Prominent scars or an overcorrection (which is virtually impossible to correction since you can not add back skin) are aesthetic tradeoffs that one needs to avoid. While I have not seen a picture of you, you may have answered your own question…if there is little to no room for error…why take the chance? I have never seen nostril distortion and have only rarely revised a subnasal lip lift scar but your concerns do have merit.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana