Will A Submentoplasty Procedure Be Noticeable After Surgery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Thank you for the detailed reply and the options therein. When considering the submentoplasty procedure for neck sagging problem, my questions/concerns are as follows:

Putting aside (for the mpment) the expense of the work needed, there is, for me, the more difficult or challenging elements of having the work done without it being readily identifiable as someone who’s ‘had some work done’.

Can the procedure described be done in stages so as to minimize its obviousness? In the closing paragraph of your last email it appears that you are alluding to a sequence of steps, could those steps be the thresholds for a series of successive procedures or are they too intrinsically woven to be approached separately ?

It’s important to me that my friends and family think I’ve just had a vacation, fallen in love, or gotten laid properly (or all three) when they first see me after the operation.

Additionally, I’d like to know what the pain management path is; would I be put out for the operation,  is the time envelope for the work an hour or two, or significantly more? In terms of pain management history,  I have had some oral surgery and dental implants over the course of a few decades and have always insisted on anesthesia – not the local variety, but rather being put out by an attendant Anesthesiologist.

Logistical speaking, do I need to be swaddled in bandages fo a day, or three, or a week or more ? Travel considerations ?Time of year ?

A: In answer to your submentoplasty questions:

1) The concept of someone wanting to have facial work down and not looking like work has been done is not an issue you should be concerned with given the type of procedure you are considering. By definition a submentoplasty procedure simply can not look overdone. Its real issue is whether it can fully address your neck concerns. So the potential issue is really the opposite of what you think….not looking overdone but can it do enough to satisfactorily improve the problem. If you remember my discussion of your options, the ideal treatment for your neck concerns is a lower facelift. You just may not be ready to undergo that effort at this time.

2) The submentoplasty includes all three components that I discussed which have to be done at the same time. There is no benefit to staging them from a result or recovery standpoint. 

3) Changes in the neck are not really noticeable to other people as a specific identifiable change as people are not that perceptive. They may only ‘notice’ as some type of overlay beneficial change.

4) This is not an operation that is associated with much pain as most facial/neck procedures have low levels of discomfort.

5) Such procedures are done under general anesthesia.

6) There is a chin/neck strap applied for one day after surgery. Thereafter its use is optional.

7) You could return home 1 to 2 days after surgery.

8) The best time to is such surgery is when it suits your schedule the best. Time of year and weather make no difference.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana