Will A Pubic Lift Interfere With Having An Erection?

Q: Dr. Eppley, can the pubic lift affect the nerve supply to the penis or interfere with erection in any way?

A: This is actually a common sexual function question whether it is liposuction or a lift in the pubic region. Men are concerned that it will affect erection while women are concerned that it may interfere with having an orgasm. While the pubic region is near the sexual organs of either gender, neither a pubic lift or pubic liposuction will interfere with their function. The nerves to the penis lie deep and way below the tissue planes for either procedure. While the female clitoris is just below the pubic fat pad, liposuction does not traumatize it even though there is the possibility of some temporary labial or clitoral swelling and bruising as gravity pulls down any blood released during the procedures. Conversely in a handful of cases, I have had reports that a pubic lift in women has enhanced orgasmic sensations which may be due to changing the exposure of the pubic area. For men, pubic reduction may improve penile exposure and length.

Dr. Barry Eppley