Will A Lower Facelift (Jowl Tuckup) Correct My Heavy Lower face After Getting Injectable Fillers?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  l’ve read that you are a very experienced maxillofacial and reconstructive surgeon and I have also read that sometimes it’s possible to remove fillers through facelifts. Is it possible to do it? 3 months ago I had the bad idea of ​​getting a filler to my jawline and chin (2 ml total of juvederm volux, 25 mg vycross hyaluronic acid). I just wanted a little more definition and a sort of lifting effect, instead I only got an heavy, square, wide and fat face … I have always had a thin face and I don’t look like myself anymore !!! Hyaluronidase didn’t work (5 rounds, with my original injector, poor results). A week ago my new doctor gave me low dose diluted steroid injections … they have worked in reducing the swelling a little, but my face is still different. It’s not saggy, but more voluminous and heavy than it used to be (because of the filler). Is it possible to surgically remove the jawline filler (injected under the muscle) through a lower facelift? I’m young (42 years old) and I look younger than my age, but I want my face back whatever it takes. Thank you for your time and your attention. Kind regards.

A: I think what you have discovered is that the expansive effect of the fillers on the lower facial tissues is not going to be completely solved by enzymatic dissolution treatments. You have correctly surmised that a jowl tuckup procedure is the definitive solution. With the raising of the skin flaps residual filler is removed and with the SMAS flap and skin tuckup the lower face is again slimmer.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana