Will A Lip Advancement Create Less Tooth Show?

Q: Is the V-Y plasty the same thing as a lip advancement? If so, is that a procedure that can raise the height of the lower lip to have less tooth show? That is an option that I am exploring. 

A: A lip advancement and a V-Y advancement are two completely different operations with varying effects on the lower lip. A lower lip advancement removes a horizontal strip of skin on the outside so the vermilion can be rolled outward making the lower lip look bigger. It will not raise up the lower lip but is done to make the lip look fuller. (have more vermilion show) A V-Y advancement is a internal vertical mucosal procedure done on the inside of the lower lip. It is designed to try and lengthen the height of the lower lip and/or release any contracture or shortening of the anterior mandibular vestibule.

Raising the height of the lower lip is challenging and there is no one single procedure that can consistently do so. It usually require a combination of procedures through mucosal lengthening and vermilion augmentation to create such an effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana