Will A Hair Transplant Cover A Scalp Scar After My Forehead Contouring Surgery?

Q: For my bulgy forehead, is it possible to burr down the forehead and then do a forehead/eyebrow lift at the same time, just removing the extra skin? The reason I ask is because my head is misshappen and my hairline is too high. I want my hairline to be lower so burring down some of the forehead and then making and eyebrow lift would help alot.  After that is done I was going to get a hair transplant on my hairline to cover up the scar.  Does this sound like it will work? Will it work if I get a hair transplant over the scar and can I do the eyebrow/forehead lift thing?

A: Your approach to a forehead or frontal contouring is conceptually correct. While I don’t know exactly where your exact hairline is now or what its shape is, making a scalp or coronal incision there allows one to access the forehead area. Probably about 5mms across the forehead bulge can be taken down. A browlift can then be performed and the redundant skin removed at the scalp incision line. This will shorten the perceived length or height of the forehead skin. Thereafter, no more than 3 to 6 months later, a hair transplant can then be done to put a camouflage to the scar. Such a scar in the scalp can often heal remarkably well due to the uniqueness of hair-bearing (or past hair-bearing) scalp skin.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana