Will A Facelift Improve the Downturned Corners of my Mouth?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have had three prior facelift efforts and none have been effective at giving me an upward look to my face that crrently looks pulled down. It’s been recommended to me that a MACS lift might help pull upwards somewhat without involving the same incisions around the ears from the 3 previous facelifts. (I’ve been told that opening previous incisions could be risky.) Does a MACS lift have to include opening up the previous incisions around the ears or could it somehow be done otherwise. I am trying to get rid of my ‘hound dog’ look to my mouth and the deep creases above my lips.

A: Having had three prior facelift type procedures, it should be obvious by now that any type of facelifting effort is not going to improve the central aspect of your face. That is simply not where the pull from facelifts have their effects. Facelifts never improve sagging around the mouth and deep nasolabial folds. Thus, not type of MACS lift or any other variation of a facelift that uses the ears as the location for the direction of pull will work. Your prior facelifts have not failed because they did not improve these central facial areas as they have donen a good job with your neck and jawline which is where they work teh best. You are going to need to consider other more direct procedures such as corner of the mouth lifts, midface lift or even direct nasolabial fold excision to get this part of your face looking as rejuvenated as the jawline and neck.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana